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What’s In a Name?


Gabby Abby.
Gift of Gab.
That’s me. I always got “picked on” (now it’s called bullying) and tormented growing up because of my incessant talking. Gabby Abby was heard a lot in my presence. Back then, I hated it. Back then, it hurt my feelings. But now? Now it’s my freedom!

You see, being able to have the Gift of Gab and being able to converse with people of all ages, not only in but also in my writing style, has opened up many doors and opportunities. I love talking.

I enjoy simple, lighthearted conversations to deep philosophical exchanges. Anything that gets the mind moving and the thought process moving in a forward direction gives me a thrill.

So when I was trying to decide on what to name blog, a friend suggested the Gabby Abby theme and at first, my mind raced back to my childhood and my days of torment and mocking by ill mannered kids. But then I started thinking. Why am I ashamed of my gift? Why should I shy away from what is truly me and what encompasses my personality? I thrive on conversation and enjoy daily interactions with all sorts of people. So it makes sense. My name is Abby and I have the Gift of Gab. So there you go!

My natural gift of Gab has allowed me to, so far, publish 4 Op-Ed pieces in the Cincinnati Enquirer. I’m grateful for the willingness of their Opinion Editor Cindi Andrews to give me a shot. I am still wet behind the ears and I’m still stepping out into an unknown realm to me, but to get anything in life that you want, sometimes big risks need to be taken. And I’m doing just that. This blog is now diving board to leap into that unknown.

I don’t have a particular genre that I write about. I write about whatever is moving me at the moment. I write about real life. I write about the world around me. I write about the ups and downs of being a single mother and wading through life with my crazy boys. I write about the funny. I write about the meaningful. I write about my life. You see, my mind has an endless list of topics which I want to write about. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll enjoy what I have to say. That my take on different thoughts and ideas will spur you to think deeper about things in your own life. That I can enhance your thought process, even by just a miniscule amount. If I can do that, I have succeeded!

So enjoy the ride. Who needs a map when you have the open road ahead of you? Wherever the winds of the time take me, that’s where I’m going.


The Gift of Gab….Gabby Abby


Well, a new chapter in my life has begun. A new chapter that I never really thought would be written, but it’s started. I have found that as this chapter has unfolded, it has been quite cathartic to write. To pour out my heart and my feelings about the new experiences around me. The new thoughts and ideas that I never had in the past. It’s given me an outlet to go where I didn’t think was possible. I’m a mama first and foremost in my life. My boys are my life. Now that I’m a single mom, it’s even more reason for me to put my thoughts together and expound on what is coming out of this sometimes scattered brain of mine. I might not know where this journey will take me, but at least I won’t be alone!